writing the FIRST post :)

It has been 15 days since I signed up for my blog. The initial excitement of writing started to diminish as soon as I finished signing up and saw the first welcome post on the blog. The process of thinking of an appropriate name, selecting the theme and finally signing up was enough to make me procrastinate writing something here! So I decided to write from the next day.

When I woke up the next day, I had so many ideas of what I could write about. I signed in to my account and opened the new post tab….and then I sat…”Maybe I should check out some existing blogs first”, I thought to myself. That would help me get an idea about what others write about. Maybe I can get some (more) cool ideas from my blog! So I started checking out other blogs. One post led to the other…one blog led to the other….and so on till I had read almost a dozen (maybe two or three!!) of them. I totally lost track of what I wanted to write! I had spent enough time on browsing so I thought I’ll start my blog from the next day…

This process continued for two days. I came across some really informative and creative blogs which made me think “will my work be as good as theirs!!” There are people who have been blogging for years, some write about their life, some write about the places they travel to, some are budding writers while others are genius movie critics. This search did help me…I found some great craft and food ideas which I tried. They made my home beautiful and my DH happy :). So a few days were spent in trying out the stuff I was reading on different blogs!

The things that were bothering me were  ‘how will I ever match up to the existing bloggers’ and ‘will anyone ever read my posts!’ Most the blogs that I read were specific to a topic. So I decided that I needed to find THE topic – the one thing that interests me the most and then start writing about it. Since I tend to trust in the vast knowledge of the world wide web, I googled “what to write in a blog!” and as expected, all of results said ‘find something that interests you…choose a niche topic’.

And so the time passed…there were a lot of options I could choose to write on:

  • the food that I cook
  • the craft that I make
  • write an educational post for management students about a specific topic
  • about interesting websites that I come across
  • about the movie that I watch or the book that I read
  • random ramblings about the day

That is what happened in the last 15 days since I signed up here ;)…..and I still haven’t found my niche! Today I thought ‘just write’ …So here I am…. still undecided….but nevertheless writing my first post today. Lets see how the journey goes…whether it sails or stops!

Anyways, welcome to my lovely corner…my own little space on the web 🙂


Hello world!

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